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We support you in all relevant questions from the IT sector

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Building Bridges

We build a bridge between IT and management

How will you be working in the future?

In the future, it will become more and more important to be flexible and mobile. Personal and business data or applications are expected to be accessible anytime and anywhere. This should be secure!

The crucial factor that allows both, the users to work optimized and flexible and - at the same time - an efficient IT operation, is called standardization.

We provide you with a standardized and fully automatic Windows installation that can be easily customized to the requirements of your company.

Security will be increased by temporary administrative rights that will only be available when system changes are necessary.

Our software GARDEN will enable you to centrally manage local administrative rights on all your computers.

Thus, users will be able to add their personal requirements individually to the defined standards, without the necessity of permanent administrative rights.

The growth of cloud computing is increasing: We can help you to decide on private, public or hybrid Cloud, and to implement the best solution for your business.

Your Request is our challenge

We support you in all relevant questions from the IT sector


Technical Consulting

You can be sure, that we constantly remain ahead of developments concerning network technologies, and you can always rely on our expertise.

Our consulting services will always depend on your goals and orders. We provide a maximum

of flexibility in combination with a precise specification of your concerns

Don´t look – grasp!

Let us realize your IT solutions together



Our technical experts and all-rounders can support and assist you in all questions and tasks of IT operation.

ask:us is focused on efficient work that has been aligned to fulfill the requirements of users and IT departments.

Our services are completed by proprietary software solutions which will facilitate the work on standardized client PCs.

in time – in budget

We ensure your success


Project Management

Sophisticated IT projects with defined goals require a pinpoint project management. Take the advantage of our staff’s broad experience in numerous projects.

This also includes the training of your employees in all project-related areas, a strict separation from day-to-day business, and clear rules concerning the communication in the project.

With our employees, we can assist you with the technical implementation of your project, anytime and anywhere.


Simply reach your goals. Very simple.



We provide various software solutions for you. Here, our main focus lies on an increased security in your company

as well as on simplified workflows because of defined standards.

This includes the administration of admin rights, as well as tools and utilities that make life easier for administrators and automatically solve common problems.


Successfully master your tasks


Work Organization

During projects, time and budget combined with optimal use of resources play the central role in your success.

Regarding your personal time management of everyday business, we will define priorities in order to prevent any excessive workload or delayed tasks.

In our workshop, you will learn how to efficiently organize your tasks, thus winning time for the essential things.

Building Bridges

We build a bridge between IT and management


Management Coaching

The tasks, solutions, and strategies of the IT department are getting more and more complex and require specified knowledge.

With selective coaching measures, ask:us will provide the responsible management levels with a comprehensive understanding of business and technical objectives.

We will show you how to optimize interoffice communication along with internal processes. Our solutions will be precisely aligned to your company.