The Surface Hub Mutates Into a Tablet

The Surface Hub 2S - a 50-inch touchscreen focused on collaboration and video conferencing - usually comes with a specially adapted edition of Windows 10: Windows 10 Teams. This edition is based on Windows 10 Enterprise and is primarily optimized for video conferencing - with Teams or Skype for Business - and scenarios for collaboration on large screens in publicly accessible rooms. Windows 10 Teams does not allow local login, resets the hub to an original state after each session and does not support Win32 apps, but only some optimized UWP apps from the Microsoft Store.

But now Microsoft has released the switch to the classic versions of Windows 10 Pro or Windows 10 Enterprise and even gives practical hints for a change. The Surface Hub would thus mutate into an oversized Windows Tablet and would no longer be limited to the apps from the Microsoft Store. Even otherwise, all the functions of a device with Windows 10 would be available. However, the actual purpose of the Surface Hub as a shared device would be lost.

Source: Microsoft

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