Extended Support for Windows 7 now for Businesses of All Sizes

As already known, Microsoft is offering a paid Extended Security Update for enterprise customers, that extends support for Windows 7 Enterprise and Professional beyond January 14, 2020, for a maximum of three years. The Extended Security Update (ESU) is licensed per device and can be purchased for a maximum of three years. The price for the ESU increases from year to year. So far, the ESU can only be purchased by companies that also have a valid volume license. 

Microsoft has now lifted this restriction. In a blog article, the software group announced that companies of all sizes can now purchase the Windows 7 Extended Security Updates, which are subject to a fee, from 1 December 2019 via the Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program.

Customers of the now officially released Azure Windows Virtual Desktop can continue to use Windows 7 even after the end of extended support. In this environment, Microsoft offers ESU at no additional cost for Windows 

Source: Microsoft

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